Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Business Cards

Business Cards. I no longer buy them in bulk. Things change so quickly that I can never seem to get through 100 business cards before something changes and I need a new set. I much prefer making business cards for specific events, promotions, or seasons. 

I created about 20 business cards for last week's opening of the Dark Tranquility photography show. It was fun to do a business card in the theme of my photography. I used a really simple method and every card is unique and fitting to my work on Dark Tranquility. 

I bought standard artist cards at Hobby Lobby. They are blank cards that come in a variety of styles/materials. I used extra lace that I had incorporated into the show and itty bitty clothes pins that I already had (I bought mine a year or so ago at Joannes, but I've seen them in other craft stores). I also used a stamp set from the Martha Stewart line at Michaels which I LOVE and use all the time. I highly recommend buying a stamp set that allows you to create your own stamps. 

I decided glue was too messy to deal with and wanted to have a layered feminine look, so I used the clothes pin to clip the lace to the front and a link list to the back. The actual card has my name stamped to the front, and my email stamped to the back. 

I really loved doing this and am excited to make some more cards for little red chair and for my client photography. I will show you what I come up with! 

If you decide to make some homemade cards, please share! 

xo, chelsea


  1. Great idea! And I love the way each card becomes an artobject in itself! Think I may have to get those stamps as well.

    1. Thanks Anna! The stamps come in handy so often!

  2. I loved these cards when I saw them at the show! I love the simplicity of them!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous