Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Dear Diary

Warning, especially to any of you with delicate sensibilities, this post contains R rated language.
I have actually developed somewhat of a filter since I've had children in the house ... it hasn't been easy, especially because it is my belief that words should be expressed organically and as one feels necessary. I also, however, feel that everyone deserves fair warning, just in case they don't share my same sentiment. So there we go, my stance on profanity, as it were. 

In closure to this week, which I previously admitted has left me with emotions running high, I have decided to recap by recalling some of my favorite quotes and lessons from the week. I find value in revisiting moments in life that are meaningful in some way, usually it's done as Im drifting off to sleep or while taking a shower, but today I'll make it a bit more formal. I always wanted to start a blog called "shower thoughts", does anyone else do their best thinking while in the shower? 


When lack of communication seems to have put you in a lurch ... the best way out of it is to communicate. This is a lesson I have learned over and over again, it always holds true. - (Wednesday)

Judith likes Salami. - (Saturday)

"A gut feeling is a result of your brain reading more data points than you can consciously analyze." -adapted from Ben Huh (Thursday)  

Lennon will still let me sing him to sleep. (Sunday Morning)

 "So including last night, that’s three fucking damage incidents that didn’t kill you.  Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair, or fuckin’ beatin’s.  The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store.  Stand it like a man—and give some back." - Al Swearingen Via Deadwood (Saturday)

NEVER buy angel food box cake, never. -(Monday)

The drive to St. Louis is actually pretty painless, even less so when you have someone to share it with. -(Tuesday)

A quote to follow when you feel powerless. "Sometimes it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission" - Grace Hopper (Friday)



  1. I always forget about that E.E. Cummings quote which is strange because every time I see it I fall in love with it again and say something to myself like "ooh yeah". It's the kind of quote that helps me to feel better about certain decisions I've made. I love this post and the idea of being aware enough to recognize life's lessons. The only time I can do my best thinking is in the shower. My worst thinking usually comes to me as I'm drifting into sleep. I also love your lesson on communication, it's so true and sounds so simple but somehow I think people are just so quick to forget it.

    PS-I agree that angel food box cake is one of the worst things ever!!!!