Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Truth About Sinks

Do any of you have an itty bitty pedestal sink in your house? I think they are so delicate and pretty. I never actually had a pedestal sink until moving into this house in September, where the previous owners installed two in the two rather small downstairs bathrooms. 

In theory, a pedestal sink is a dream, it's small, doesn't take up space, it's pretty, has an old world look. It's just the perfect sink, right ... wrong. Well, in my experience, pedestal sinks are just not functional. Sinks are meant to be used, wash your dirty hands (may be even your kids' feet), pot plants, clean paint brushes, give your dog a bath, soak your delicates, clean your shoes. 

I dream of a big, huge laundry sink made of exquisite porcelain. My favorites are ones that have the counter top sides, like the one in the third image. My second favorite is the one in the sixth image with the dual compartment, which I think would serve the same purpose as the shelf ... may be even be more functional in some cases, and it's smaller so it might actually fit in our little mudroom bathroom. Anyway, enough of my sink talk, I just wanted to share my thoughts on sinks and a few examples that are just beautiful. 

Function should not be compromised for beauty, and beauty should not be compromised for function. 

The end. 


  1. The funny thing is that for my entire life I've always had issues with sinks. I don't understand how our kitchen sink, which is just a metal sink with two sides placed inside a counter top could seem so big yet so small. It makes washing dishes even if there's a dishwasher involved quite difficult. And then there's the issue of what kind of faucet to have. Then in the bathroom it's a small sink with counter space on each side but the counter/cabinets take up the majority of the bathroom which annoys me. But I realize a pedestal sink would just be a sink and then where would we pile all of our bathroom junk? Ugh and the worst sink I ever had was in that studio apartment I barely lived in on first hill. Washing adult sized dishes was impossible because the sink was the size of a small shoe box and wasn't very deep. It's weird how much thought goes into a sink but I've been thinking about it ever since I was old enough to be told to do the dishes.

  2. I love giant sinks too. Pedestal sinks look great in design magazines, but the one time I had to live with one in a rental duplex, using it drove me nuts. There just wasn't any place to set stuff down or store anything. Doing my hair was even hard because there was no place for a curling iron or brush between styling steps. Anyway, I really like the laundry sink collage images. I would pick the one in the bottom right corner. It is a shame sinks like those in your photos cost a small fortune. Fixing up the laundry room at our house is my next project on my list. Time to start saving up for that dream sink.