Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Sprouts

After the holidays the urge to start planting sets in. Obviously January's gale force winds and freezing weather make gardening in the outdoor space pretty impossible. This year I decided to start a little indoor garden and mature some plants, some that I may be transplanting to the garden in the spring. I planted a traditional indoor greenhouse but I wanted to experiment with planting in egg shells. Starting seeds in eggshells provide your seedlings with nutrients that help strengthen them as they develop. It also saves you from spending money on little pots, and gives you the perfect natural casing to use when moving to a large pot or garden. Here's a quick how to.

What you need:

egg shells (start saving now!)
seeds (I got mine for $0.09 per packet)
seed starting soil (About $3.00 at any store with a garden center)

Fill your saved egg shells about half to three quarters of the way full with seed starter, then sow your seeds (2 or 3 seeds) cover and fill the remaining shell with soil. Read the seed pack for additional instructions depending on what you're planting. Keep your soil wet by using a spray bottle, and find a place to keep your garden where it will get sunshine and stay warm. When your seedlings sprout and start to grow you may need to thin them to prevent crowding. Soon you will be ready to transplant into a garden or into a pot. When this time comes, crush the bottom of the egg so that the roots of your new plant come into direct contact with the new soil.

My basil seeds sprouted within four days of planting them! I used my egg shells to plant our indoor herbs which we rely on throughout the year to supply us with fresh parsley, basil, rosemary, and cilantro. I'll be moving them to pots soon

So easy .. I hope you try it!

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  1. I love this. The last image is my fave! And now you've got me wanting to plant, I mean it's definitely warm enough for it down here... even if my gardens never survive it gives me something good to do with my energy in the spring. I can't wait!