Friday, January 20, 2012

10 fab light fixtures under $100.00

 After tirelessly searching for affordable light fixtures for days on end, I thought it only fair to share my findings with you. Retro barn lighting and classic schoolhouse fixtures are trending for indoor spaces. I like to mix it up with each room, but I can't deny my love for this retro/rugged/primitive look. The drawback is that lighting can be seriously expensive, and rightly so. You can make a really big statement with your light fixtures, not to mention, lights are sort of a necessity (unless you're Amish, which if you're reading this, you're not). The great thing about being on a budget is that it forces you to do the research and find exactly what you're looking for, at the price you need it at.

So here I present you with 10 beautiful fixtures for under $100.00
This is what Brett and I chose for the sconces in our mudroom bath. 

2. Brass Cage Pendant $99.00 
3. Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp in Weathered Copper $95.40
4. Barn Pendant in Cherry Red $54.95 
5. City Pendant in Industrial Yellow $69.00
6. Barn Loft Pendant in Green Enamel $61.00 
7. Mini Colby Pendant in Raw Aluminum $99.00 
8. Radial Shade Sconce in Weathered Copper $95.00
9. School House Pendant in Oiled Bronze $95.40
10. Cord Hung Pendant in Dark Green $79.00

Most of the above choices are available in a variety of colors to fit the look you're going for. Barn Light Electric Is also now featuring a vintage store, so if you're searching for something truly unique and willing to dole out the big bucks, that's a really cool website.

Don't forget the bulbs!
For a few extra bucks you can get beautiful retro "Edison" bulbs from a variety of different sources. If you are going to hang a pendant or sconce with an exposed bulb, I recommend upgrading to the beauty bulbs!

Happy Weekend-ing! 

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