Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sneak Peak!

Have I told you that we're transforming our mudroom? I don't think I have, we've met the half way point and it feels really good to be making progress, so I had to show you a little tiny corner of it. It's complete with homemade shelves from old salvaged barn wood, real barn wood, the kind that you have to dig out from under raccoon poop while trying not to step on any dead animals or contract rabies. Then you have to pull out the rusty nails and clean the boards thoroughly. It's free,  but it's gross. Brett said I need to toughen up, but raccoon poop is just always going to be gross to me. 

I will show before pics when the room is complete and I do a full blog post. The room was painted a purple-ish blue and then touched up with a different shade and/or consistency of paint. There were also 300 holes in the walls, some with anchors stuck in them. The final straw was when our hooks started falling out of the walls and I new we needed to reinforce they by putting in a system (boards or shelves) that we could screw into studs, and then hang our hooks. The base boards and molding was also chipping away and looking awful. We decided when it was installed a few years ago it had just a single layer of contractors paint on it (some parts were still bare, *shutter*). 

We love making our house happy. 

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  1. You have such good ideas. And, btw, you WILL toughen up. You'll be scooping up road kill and tossing it in the field in no time. LOL