Monday, August 6, 2012

The Before Tour

Helloooo! I was MIA last week after a busy weekend, Judith getting her cast removed and starting physical therapy, and working on the new (old)  house. I am happy to report, however, that we are making progress! Slowly but surely we are starting our first demo project in the house. Before the reno began I went through the house and photograph it so I will have good before material when everything is finished! I thought I would share a little sneak peak at our project with you, so here we go! 

This is the kitchen.

Pros: beautiful picture window over sink, Nice solid wood cabinets, Good layout. 
Cons: dated lights, soffit, appliances, and overall look. 
Planned reno: tear out soffit, replace lighting, change out couter tops, sink and appliances, paint cabinets, replace flooring, and install backsplash. (that sounds like a lot after writing it out ... oy!)
here's a photo of the kitchen through what will become our office space

Dining Room (family room in a former life)

Pros: Room for our huge table, Great floor with patina and character, open to the kitchen. 
Cons: Scattered recessed lighting and random fan, Oak trim that gives the space a dated look, lacking in natural light. 
Planned Reno: We plan to plank the ceiling in this room, install two pendant lights where the table, paint the walls and the trim. 

In the corner (behind where Im shooting) there is a wood stove that was formerly used to heat the house. We will keep the stove and clean it up.

Art Room (Office in a former life)
This room is on the opposite side of the kitchen from the dinning room (you can see the entrance in the dining room picture above)

Pros: Tons of beautiful natural light, deck access, great space for art projects and homework. 
Cons: Dated track lighting and fan, drywall tape is pulling up in almost all corners in this room, floor. 
Planned reno: Replace fan and two sets of track lighting with new warehouse pendants, repair drywall, install new floor, Lot's of paint! 

The door way on the right leads to a bathroom and the laundry room. 

Laundry Room

Pros: It's a place to do laundry
Cons: Strange layout, old appliances, dated flooring. 
Planned Reno: Carry floor from art room into this room (and bathroom that is not pictures), Install warehouse pendant to match neighboring room, new appliances, Lot's of cleaning and paint, May be a little rearranging :) 
PS: I've already changed that gold door knob when I painted the outside doors (post on that coming soon!) 

Office (dining room in a past life) 
This room is directly off the kitchen. 

Pros: Central Location, Cozy space, 
Cons: Dated lighting, acoustic tile ceiling
Planned Reno: We will Install matching flooring through the front hall, living room and this room. replace lighting, paint, replace ceiling 

Living Room

Pros: Beautiful, huge, picture window, nice comfortable space
Cons: Acoustic tile ceiling, dying ceiling fan, gross (very old) carpet
Planned Reno: Paint, new ceiling, new floor, new light

directly off living room

Pros: Very old, awesome staircase, great old molding on doorways
Cons: Carpet, ceiling, plaster walls are sagging, balusters are not matching and some are missing. 
Planned Reno: Tear down all walls, take down ceiling, strip thousands of years of paint from old wood work and repaint, runner on stairs, repair work to balusters, new lighting. We're planning a bead board ceiling in the hall. 

Front Porch
(at the head of the hall)

Pros: It's a cool old porch with awesome windows, old porch planks under the carpet
Cons: carpet, uninsalaeted
Planned Reno: Insalate and drywall, tear out carpet and revitalize old floors, Paint! 

I'm not showing any bedrooms or bathrooms (today at least) We will DEFINITELY be renovating them. The bathrooms are probably our bigest projects, so I'm going to save those for later ;) 

Here's a look at some of our "progress" I actually like the exposed floor joist more than I like the acoustic tiles! 
note: those beer cans aren't ours, they fell out of the ceiling when we were ripping it out! (ever wonder what's in your ceiling??) 
Stay tuned, I'm hoping for more progress this week! 


  1. How exciting! Tons of work but it looks like it will be well worth it. It'll be great to go through the process with you via LRC. Congrats Chelsea!

  2. I definitely love the new look, especially the wall colors. And isn't your ceiling too gorgeous to be in the laundry room? Well, it looks great in there so it's all good. I'm certain the everything has been finished as expected. Have a great stay!

    Staci Severns @Brooklyn Fan