Friday, August 17, 2012

A Bath Decision

First of all, I need to thank everyone for chiming in on my big bath dilemma! I read every comment and  went back and forth several times. I received a comment from Anna Scandinavia last night (who I am fairly certain could be my Swedish soul sister), a light bulb turned on when she suggested a retro bauhaus style bath.

I love our claw foot tub that we have now, but we live in an 1885 victorian and the tub here is giant. It has to be 6+ feet long. I took a shower last night with both my kids, not an unusual occurrence. I love that our tub accommodates all of us, I love that it's beautiful, and I love that it's fitting to the home (It's original to the house so it truly belongs here).

The farmhouse is much different in aesthetic than our victorian. The original part of the farm house was built in 1860, at that time it was literally a room on top of a room, tiny. We can be sure there was no indoor plumbing, and therefore, no real bathroom. When Brett's great grandparents bought the house circa 1920, they added what is now the main part of the house. The home is very true to the early 20th century. It's not frilly like a Victorian, It's simple and has many of the arts and crafts details that we love.

I swear I am getting to a point ... It really took this much rationalizing for me to make a decision, so bear with me!

In the early 20th century, Americans started to abandon the victorian style and move on to the more simple craftsman, and at this time claw foot tubs became less popular. New homes at the time were being fitted with "Sanitary Bathrooms" White enamel and ceramic fixtures, pedestal sinks, and built in tubs.

My new inspiration photo: 

I love this ad so much. Look at the woman, she's SO stoked on her bathroom, even though it seems that she is an actual human in an illustration ... her enthusiasm is still infectious. 

This ad just brought it all together for me, it makes sense. The style, size, and feel of this bathroom fits the farmhouse. That is exactly what I want. 

So here is a possibility for the new tub (in the spirit of the ad it is an American Standard tub):

This tub is also easy on the budget, ahhh, it feels good to make a decision! 

**UPDATE: Approximately 2 minutes after I finished writing this I found a message in my inbox from Anna Scandinavia, linking to this incredible inspiration bath. Are we on the same page or what!? Thank you Anna for helping me realize my dream bath ;) 


  1. Love your decision. I think you can never go wrong in trying to remain true to the origins of a house. (Have you seen the Retro Renovation blog? If not, I think you'd really like it.) We're in the midst of bathroom reno and originally wanted to use a salvaged tub--but they are so heavy and our space is so difficult. We went with a lighter (and less expensive) newer model. We love it. Hope you love yours, too.

  2. Good choice. Much easier to take care of, too. With growing kids and all their activitives and farm stuff, who wants to spend all that time cleaning hard-to-get-to spaces?

  3. No problem lady, glad you found the idea helpful! Actually, when I saw this ad you've put up, it reminded me of an old photograph I bought years ago at an English flea market in Liverpool where this married couple ( I recon in the 1910's) had taken their "fancy photograph" in their bathroom just to show that they had one! It's too funny! I must find it and mail it to you :) Have a great weekend!

  4. In the little 1920s house Regan and I lived in when we were first married, the old porcelain tub looked just like this, white tile all around it. Good choice, even better price!