Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Letterpress Drawers

I have a new mad obsession with going to flea markets. We pack up the kids, the double stroller, enough food to feed an army of children (which our two kids seem to consume without any trouble), tons of water, and of course sun screen.

Let me clarify that when I say we go to flea markets I mean that we've gone to the 3rd Sunday Market twice. It's a big deal for us. It drains our energy completely until the next month. This month the letterpress drawers were speaking to me. I bought two in similar size in depth they were both under $10.00. This isn't a revolutionary idea or anything, but I am so stoked on how these drawers charmed up our living room, I had to share! 

So here they are looking gross and grimey. I sprayed them off with the hose and let them dry in the hot hot sun. 

Dirty, but they have little markings all over them and I love that character! 
I drilled them into the wall side by side, easy, cheap and totally beautiful. 
So, If you've been thinking about getting a letterpress drawer or two, I say do it!


  1. SO COOL. Where'd you find the numbers? (yes, I noticed they're in numerical order)

  2. Lol! thank you Kate .. You know I had to plan out their order! My sister got them for me for my birthday, they are actually lids to the tiny jars that are also displayed. I think she might have found them at target ;)

  3. What amazing finds! Such a great tip to use them in this way - love it!

  4. I love these. If I could find some around here I would totally go for it..... but for some reason I feel like if I were able to find some around here they wouldn't be under $10. All the flea markets and thrift stores around here would most likely try to sell something like this to me for at least $50.

  5. These are fab! And I see we have the same lamp :)