Saturday, May 26, 2012

Picture Quote Saturday

I feel like this quote is fitting for the end of this week. Emotions have been running high all week and I've been filled with grateful thoughts. On Thursday evening Our 4 year old, Judith, fell and broke her left arm and we've spent the past two days in and out of different doctors offices and hospital rooms. After X-rays, a splint, a surgery, and a huge cast we are back at home and very grateful to be together and safe. I never thought a broken arm could cause such a whirlwind of emotion, but it certainly has! 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone! 


  1. Chelsea, my thoughts are with you. you are a good mommy!its emotional when our kids our hurt,but Im sure this experience has brought you all closer. and a new sense of love a safety for your family.Jude is lucky to have you! Lennon too! Heathere