Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty Little Yellow Hutch Makeover!

Another hutch is finished! I have taken a very serious vow not to take on a project of this size for awhile ... so much work! As I've shared before, I picked up a table, wash basin, two hutches, and a bunch of chicken wire for $60.00 when I followed a Craigslist posting to Clinton IL one morning. I have now finished all three repair projects and am feeling really awesome about it! Mostly because everything was SO dirty, it nearly killed me to clean, disinfect, and sand these finds, but the end result is totally worth it. 
 This piece in particular was filthy, and what's worse, it was covered in water damage. 
 And there was a hole in the back! 
 After some major time spent cleaning, sanding, and filling water damaged areas, I primed and painted the entire cabinet in a soft white. I painted the front facing part of the cabinet yellow, and then painted the doors in the same soft white as the rest of the cabinet. 
 I decided to distress this piece after the multiple heart attacks I had trying to keep the last hutch's paint from chipping ... distressing can sometimes  make your life easier, and I thought it was fitting to the vintage color and style of the piece. 
 I had to remove the original back from this piece because of the hole (seen above), which actually made painting it WAY easier. I had Home Depot cut ply wood for a new back and I then used vintage (vinyl) wallpaper to cover it. New, matching knobs and pulls from Menards that also contribute to the granny fabulous look. 

Tada! Thanks for stopping by! I will be posting at least one more furniture makeover this week, so don't stay away too long!

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  1. Oh SNAP! This piece is FANTASTIC! Great job again Chelsea!

  2. I'm pretty sure if I had a home of my own to put this in I would want to buy it! It's just too cute! Great job :o)

  3. so vintagey sweet! the colors are pretty, and the new backing just ties it together perfectly and gives it such a charming touch.

  4. Thanks everyone! Love your comments ... this piece is a personal fav :)

  5. I love it! Great color choice.

    1. Thank you, Beth ... I love the color too! I have been just dying to paint everything yellow lately!

  6. Love it,great transformation!
    Havr a Suneday

  7. Found you via a link party and I just love this piece! It's so sunny and cheery, thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I BADLY WANT to purchase this yellow/white cabinet. How much? If this one if not for sale, how much would it cost to make a new one for me ... even with payment up front? Contact me at Thank you. MJM