Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi, It's Friday (the two days late, Sunday edition)

1. Monster Clouds  2. Haunted House  3. Yellow  4. Waiting

Oy! I've been so busy this week. I think I'm actually busier now that I am not officially employed. I love being my own boss, but I require myself to work some seriously long hours, naturally. 

Here's a few of this week's Instagram photos. I've been on the road a lot this week for photo shoots and other adventures. The first, second, and forth pics are from my mini travels, the 3rd foreshadows an awesome completed project that I will be sharing with you this week! 

I am totally getting into iPhoneography all of the sudden, which I never expected I would find myself obsessing over. It makes sense if you think about it, I love to keep a documentary, and my iPhone is always in my back pocket ... simple as that I guess. 

I will be sharing 2 new paint projects with you this coming week, and they're AWESOME, so stay tuned. Also, check out my photography blog to see what I've been up to in my moonlight career as a photographer!

xo, chelsea


  1. Wow. Love that "Yellow" shot.
    Such a beautiful perspective (same for the "Haunted House"! :)