Wednesday, April 11, 2012

cow babies

It's Spring and the cows are having their young. The little ones are so cute, they jump around and play with the others (until mama breaks things up). I have to admit, I feel for the mother cows, their utters are like balloons about to burst, I almost wanted to photograph it to show you, but I didn't out of respect from one woman to another. 

It's almost impossible to get close to the calves because because of how protective the cows are. Even the cows that are still pregnant are on edge (not that I blame them). 

Cows are beautiful animals actually. They get a bad rap, but they're gental creatures and, although primal, they are intelligent in many ways. They're better than most of us, If I could choose I would spend most days on the prairie with the livestock. 


  1. Hey Chelsea!!! I was wondering, where'd you get your template/ blog design from? I really like it!! :)

    ~Madi S.

    1. Hi Madi! Thanks for the compliment! I actually used the simple blogger base and built it myself ... many hours of work, but they paid off!