Monday, March 12, 2012

Wallpaper Update

Stencil Art at: Royal Design Studio

Remember how I was going to wallpaper our dining room? Well I searched high and low for the perfect wallpaper and everything I loved was in the $100 - $150 per roll range. Naturally, my sophisticated taste comes at a price ;) ... So I whipped out the old measuring tape to see just how many of these high priced wallpaper rolls I would need, don't worry ... I only need 12. WHAT? 12 rolls at $100/each? 

I then turned to the next best option ... the stencil. A stencil will give you the same effect as wallpaper, but with paint, and probably triple the work. There are SO many awesome stencils in this world, I feel like I've been so sheltered. The pattern above is the one we decided on, the best part is that price of one stencil is $50 and I can use it on the entire room. I ordered it Friday and it's supposed to be here Thursday ... I wish I still lived on the west coast where I didn't have to wait 100 years before anything gets delivered (mini rant of the day). 

I will give you the deets on how we are going to make it work in our dining room later ... this is primarily a post to enlighten you all to the world of fabulous stencils. The Internet's best kept secret I guess.

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  1. I guess stencils are a secret in a way... at least cool stencils like this one are. Whenever I think of stenciling a wall I envision something either really cheesy in a bathroom or something for a kids' room. For example: In one of my rooms when I was a kid my mom used a stencil of a teddy bear holding 3 balloons all over the yellow walls. I was like 5 or 6 at the time and I barely have any memories from that time in my life unless something comes up and triggers them like this post did. Anyway, I remember being super excited about it. LOL. Your stencil choice is neither cheesy or childlike though :)

    What color paint are you going to use?!