Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Chicken Farm (aka, our house)

Hey there, do you want to see something cute? Well here you go, one of my baby chicks just a mere three weeks ago. Oh how time flies when they are young! 
 At three weeks the pubescent poultry had their first outing. The weather was hot today, so I let them play outside for awhile. Chickens are hilarious creatures ... just look at their faces, you can tell how incredibly intense they are just by looking at them. 
 I don't even want to know what they're huddling about here ... as if I can't see them. 
 Talk about a bad hair day ... I can't get them to keep up their appearances, they're just not into vanity. They are, however, obsessed with flying. It's their life's destiny to fly. 
They are constantly yammering away, and continuing to look incredibly serious as they do. It's just so hard to take them seriously with that hair. 
So there you have it ladies and gentleman, life with pre teen hens. It's not always pretty, but it is always intense (for them ... obviously). 


  1. lol! This is hilarious! I can't believe how fast they grew, but they're still super cute.

  2. Your chic pix are just wonderful. They do have expressions, and you need to watch out for the stink-eye. LOL I remember that stage, and they are just so ugly they're cute for a while. I'm sure you are a good chicken mommy. They're fun to have around.