Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Novogratz

 Everyone needs a role model, right? Some one to look up to, aspire to, etc. Bob and Courtney Novogratz do it for me. 

photo via: hgtv.com


They get it. Husband and wife inspired by life. They have seven kids ... seven. They get that kids keep us young, don't let us take anything too seriously, and allow us to be whatever the hell we want to be. Being a parent isn't a job, a requirement, or a task ... it's who you are. 

Don't become static because you're a parent ...  become inspired because you're kids inspire you. 

The Novogratz are always taking risks with design. I've been feeling underwhelmed lately with monotonous design. I love that the Novogratz don't hesitate to be original, try new ideas, and use bold color. The design world should not be over saturated with beige walls and shabby chic tables. 

The guest room in the Novogratz's country home: 
The dining area in their New York home:
Front hall in their New York home:
all images via: thenovogratz.com

Pattern, art, material, unique design. You can't pin an original life, you have to make it. 
This is my current quest.

Who inspires you, and why? 

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