Friday, March 9, 2012

Hi, It's Friday

I have a little time this morning to fit in a personal post ... the kind of post I like to do once a week to document how I'm feeling and to hold myself accountable to act on my convictions. 

Last night I totally blew it and did nothing productive. I was going to do some painting and instead I decided to watch movies. Everyone needs a movie night every now and then. I didn't have a lot to choose from so I watched two movies that I have seen before. 1.How Do You Know, I actually love the cast of that movie. And 2. Eat Pray Love, which I've seen a few times and it breaths knew meaning every time I see it. I need to read the book. 

You might be wondering what profound meaning the likes of Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts were able to inject into my mind and spirit. Allow me to share my lessons, some are quotes, others are messages.  

1. You can't give yourself the right answers, unless you're asking yourself the right questions. 

2. We are always just one minor adjustment away from making our lives work for us. 

3. God dwells within you, as you. 

4. Forgiveness to others and yourself is the path to freedom. 

5. If you abandon what you know as comfort for what you don't know at all, and embrace the unknown as your new comfort, you will find your truth. 

6. Treat all people that you meet in your life as teachers. 

7. Balance is never letting anyone love you less than you love yourself. 

Every spring I have the sensation of being reborn. It's bittersweet in the way that I wish I could be this inspired and thoughtful throughout the course of the year. Each year I try to commit myself to something that will bring me back to this inner balance. I really hate hot weather, so I blame the heat of the summer for throwing me off my chi ... kidding, sort of. 

Don't forget that Sunday is Daylight Savings. Remember that hour that fall gave you? Well Spring is taking it back ... unless you live in Arizona, then you're safe. 

xo, chelsea

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  1. I loved Eat Pray Love, but I've only seen it once. And I also have the book but for some reason I stopped at chapter 81. I think it was getting into the part where she meets that guy at the end and for some reason at the time in my life when I was reading the book I just decided I didn't want to know about it. Or maybe I just got busy. It's been so long now that I would have to start the book over completely. We should read it together! :) It's really good and I have a notebook around here somewhere that I put notes in as I was reading the book. I wrote down quotes or ideas and things I just wanted to remember and just things that really hit home for me. And now instead of getting back to work I want to search for that notebook, but I won' least not right now. haha.

    I know exactly how you feel about spring. I just want new and exciting things to begin and I want to do something productive and meaningful. I always have the urge to be gardening and planting things and then that feeling wears off towards the end of summer, but I wish that sort of desire, passion, and inspiration lasted all year long too whether it be with gardening or something else. Balance and harmony all year long would be wonderful.