Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like, Home

When Brett and I moved last year I was on mission to make the living room in our new house, OUR living room. I knew that we would be working on several projects in the house over the first few years and I wanted to make one room absolutely home, right off the bat.

Im going to share with you my top 10 design rules and my take on what it means to design a room with personality, comfort, and whimsy. 

1. Bring in Unique Elements. 

I found this plastic toy horse at a second hand store, I brought it home and spray painted it with some left over yellow spray paint used in a previous project. It's now one of our favorite things in our living room, an original piece that the kids love and that we find funny and offbeat. 

2. Pick Two Accent Colors for your Room.

We used bright yellow and red as reoccurring accent colors throughout the room. With colors as bold as yellow and red, you don't need to use a lot, just a few touches throughout the room will create balance. 

3. Personalize your Furniture With Hardware. 

We used these owl knobs from Anthropologie on both our side tables. This is a fairly cheap way to add personality to your furniture, and make ordinary pieces special and fun

4. Use Layers

We layer textiles to create visual interest and a sense of comfort. You can use layering techniques when hanging art or laying rugs. Anytime you use a layering technique you add depth to your room. 

5. Use Keepsakes as Wall Art. 

My wonderful friend, Erin hand stitched this mustache for me before I left Seattle. It's one of my favorite things and I love seeing it in our living room every day. It makes a huge difference when you decorate with things that hold special meaning, or have a good story behind them. 

6. Use your Space.  

If you have high ceilings (like we do), don't be afraid to get the ladder out and hang things high, low, and everywhere in between. Your accent colors will have more impact if they are used at all different levels in the room. 

7. Bring in Texture. 

I use books to bring texture and color into our rooms all the time. They provide a "lived in" look that can be achieve effortlessly and at no cost, just bring you old books out of storage and put them on display. 

8. Never Leave a Corner Empty

Use a vintage suitcase or stool to fill a corner. Our vintage suitcase not only balances the room, it also hides and unsightly outlet. 

9. Don't Let Design Stop with Functional Items

These upcycled record coasters were gifted to us this Christmas by my sister. We love them and they combine color and personality with functionality. 

10. Be Eclectic. 

If all your furniture and decor comes straight from a show room you will get really bored really fast. We mix painted furniture, with wood furniture, with metal pieces. You can be eclectic with decor as well. Combine vintage items with new buys. Old finishes will compliment your new shiny pieces. 

Nearly everything in our home is personal to us. I could tell you a story behind every single piece in this room. Like I've said before, live with what you love, and get rid of the rest!  


  1. Your homes are always so lovely. This is no different. Thank you for sharing these great tips!!

  2. Love these tips, I may have to take them into consideration as I finish up my room. And I will forever and always be jealous of your window seat! This room totally feels/looks like you I don't think I could ever step foot in this room and not say to myself "this is so Chelsea". Love it!