Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi, It's Friday.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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Did everyone have a good week? I had a rocky one to be honest ... My husband tells me that on the micro level life is a roller coaster, he's not the first person to tell me that, and I know he's right. During my times of frustration I do not turn to drinking or another form of self abuse, but rather to motivational quotes and chick flicks, lol ... It might be just as bad! 

Last night I made Brett sit through Under the Tuscan Sun, Im totally obsessed with that movie. 

I think we will go to Mattoon today for groceries ... I've also talked my husband into taking me to Rural King for a book on raising chickens ... yes, soon I will be a mother to at least three hens. 

I think we are going to start progress on giving our laundry room a facelift soon, I can't wait to do something for the house again, it's been about a month since we've had a new project and I'm ready! 

Have a good weekend my friends! Don't say that you don't like this song ... I will know you're lying. 


  1. Wow...some of my favorite things all in one post. Chick flicks, hens and Van Morrison (Brown-eyed Girl is my all-time favorite song...ever....well, from the classic rock era). Where will you keep the hens? You'll love having them. I'll have to come see them.

    1. The previous owners had two huge dogs, so theres an indoor/outdoor kenel in the garage that leads outside ... the only problem is that is not very tall ( I can't walk into the garage portion ) I am debating on whether to build it taller or just cut doors on the back of it to grab eggs ... Im glad you support my desire to have hens! I think Lance and Elaine think I'm totally crazy, lol.