Monday, January 30, 2012

Today is Monday

Whole wheat eggos + fresh blueberries + greek yogurt = super meal

guys, January is almost over, I should throw a good riddance January party. You're all invited. 

Have you eaten breakfast yet? You should have what I had. 

The sun is shining here, do you have sun? Am I the only one ready for spring? Winter is really starting to get on my nerves. 

Have you figured out yet that I'm procrastinating? Yeah, it's the Monday morning, I don't really want to get started on work so I will write a rambling blog post, post. 

ok ok ok, im done, stay tuned later for a post on some painting projects that I have been working on. I wish I could paint something right now, it's going to be 60 degrees today ... hello, spray paint weather! 

bon lundi!
(not proper french, btw... don't quote me, ever, especially when I speak french)

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  1. I love the whole wheat eggos, but we almost never have them in the freezer. We always have the regular eggos and I put peanut butter on them. Your breakfast this morning was totally a super meal with all of my favorite things! I wish I could join you in being ready for spring weather...I'm not trying to brag or anything but it hasn't been too too cold here lately. Our weather lately can't really be classified as a season I believe. In the middle of the day it feels like early spring but early in the morning and late at night it feels like winter...and we may experience some fall type sensations for like an hour each day I don't know. But then again maybe all of this together is a Louisiana winter. The non summer months are always weird here. I would like something consistent though and I definitely want to start planting. So maybe I will join you in being ready for spring! My dad bought a mini green house thing to put on our back porch! It's about 60 degrees here today too. I love your rambling blog post, post. :o)