Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the photog family

One of the things that we make a point to do in our house is push ourselves to be adventurous. On New Years Day we decided, rather than starting the New Year by laying on the couch (which is what we wanted to do!) we would all grab a camera and drive somewhere we had never been. Jude brought a disposable camera and was SO into it! I brought my fish eye, and Brett brought his dad's old Minolta (which shoots GOOOOORGOUSE photos). And our sweet baby, Lennon, slept in the car the entire time.

This was Judes first role of film. I love that she loved shooting her first role of film. Here's her first shot:

yes of my crotch... but she did start to get the hang of it, here's one of my favorites that she took

and here's a cute one she snapped of her dad from her car seat pov.

Brett's shot of the day (imo) Is of this little old cemetery on a hill in basically the middle of nowhere, very spooky but the light that day made it feel so serene.

My fav shot from my roll has to be the heading image in this post, but what the hay, ill leave you with just one more. Remember... film is good for the soul. (i totally just made that up, but it sounds insightful. it's totally true.)

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  1. Film is good for the soul! I need to shoot more of it. Jude is an awesome little photog! I can't wait to see more of her work. :) I love how you guys decided to actually do something on New Years Day I'm pretty sure I sat around being incredibly lazy!

  2. How cute!!I got my first (in ten years) film cameras for Christmas I can not wait to put some film in them! One is my grandpa's old camera that he used to photography MY mom. How cool is that? Your camera looks like the new Nikon1 ha! - it obviously it's not since you said film. Do you have a page/post about the cameras you have/use?

  3. Faith... LOVE that you have your grandpa's old camera, that is like the ultimate dream of any photographer :) I will definitely post on my different cameras, that's an awesome idea! For digital I use the Canon 7D but I have like 5 or 6 film bodies that I use for different stuff ... film is an addiction!