Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Lennon!

Good morning cupcake! Today is Lennon's second birthday, I got up extra early to bake him some special cupcakes to bring to day care with him. I originally was thinking of baking cake from scratch (I never buy the box stuff) but it's really hard to motivate yourself to bake cake from scratch before dawn... so I went with banana bread cupcakes.

I know what you're thinking, "Is banana bread the only thing she knows how to make?".  I'm beginning to ask myself the same question. But, because Im making cake this weekend (for the actual party), and banana bread takes a fraction of the time whip together, plus when you do cupcakes the baking time is cut in half, It seemed like the obvious choice. Extra bonus of this treat is you can say that you're being health conscious ... and because these cupcakes are so healthy (obviously) you can even justify one for yourself.

The frosting is healthy too ... just kidding ... did you believe that? Im such a bad liar, but if you tasted one of these babies I think you'd forgive me. Come over and have tea with me this afternoon and Ill make another batch.

Now back to work... I'll be posting some photos of the birthday boy this afternoon, stay tuned!

Cheers, Chelsea

PS: The recipe I used for these is here only thing that is different for the cupcakes is that I mushed the bananas completely for a smooth and even distribution. Cooking time is 20-30 minutes rather than 60. Frosting on top came from a jar, (buttercream) delicious.

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  1. Happy Birthday Lennon! I can't believe he's two and you know I'd be there in a heartbeat for some tea and banana bread cupcakes if I could.