Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Office Nook.. (a nook that makes full sized offices green with envy!)

Getting up every morning and working from home can be a challenge, there are so many distractions. I've even caught myself procrastinating by doing laundry! I know, that's sad, but the truth is when you know you have stuff to do around the house, it's hard to buckle down and get to work. I went through a 4 month transitional period trying to figure out what my "work from home" style is. I worked from the couch (no good) from the bed (no good) from the dining room table (better) from the office (may be the craziest yet!). I finally realized what I needed, a space with plenty of light, a "view" even, and very few distractions. Here's what I came up with.  

(before picture from the real estate site, before we moved in)

When we first moved into this house the entire upstairs hallway was covered in the ugliest blue carpet in the world. Brett and I got ambitious shortly after moving in and ripped it up and found these wide plank pine boards, stained dark but in REALLY rough shape. I nearly fell out of my chair when we had a flooring guy come in and quote us on the refinishing of the hall floor, $3000? May be next time (when we're rich) ... how about $30 for a pail of floor paint, now you're talken! I definitely think we made the right decision here, I love our charming white painted floors, they're perfectly imperfect. 

FYI, we (and when I say we I mean Brett) also installed all new 1/4round on the base board, caulked all seams, and gave them a fresh coat of paint. This project from start to finish took us a good month, but it was worth it. 

The "desk" is the Meltorp Dining Table from Ikea. This desk is huge but also budget friendly, it's also light weight (literally and figuratively). It was the perfect choice for my work needs. The side table that holds my scanner, paper, and other odds and ends is an unfinished wood shelf that I spray painted white. I've had it for years, but I believe it originally came from Target. The chair was found in my in-laws garage, salvaged, and also spray painted white. Im so in love with this pretty white girly chair. 

Remember, before Pinterest, when people still had physical pin boards ... I know, I know, Im behind on the times, I still have one. I made this pin board out of a framed print from Ross, that I had from like 6 years ago, I took the glass and print out and replaced it with cork, then (you guessed it) I spray painted the frame white. 

Oh ... did i mention my "office" is now filling the space at the top of the stairs, where there was nothing before. Ahhhh, using dead space ... bliss. This also frees up the designated office space for Brett to have a full on music/recording room. 

Am I embarrassed to admit that the tiny magic mouse that has mediocre functionality was actually more expensive than the desk it sits on? Sort of, but then again, look at how sleek it is! 

it's all about the details, even when you are going for a light and bright (minimalistic) look. Just a little personality can go a long way and make you feel at home in your space. 

The End. Not really, but for now ;) 


  1. It's so nice! I'm in awe of the space and the photographs of the space. I need to figure out what my work from home style is. I'm really in the mood to change up my room and the way I'm using things. I'm even considering taking the tv out so I can use the stand it's on for something more useful. Hmmm.... you and your diy projects they inspire me to reevaluate my space.

  2. I just LOVE your little office nook and I want so want to bring my laptop and come use it for a day. I bet I could bust out a whole bunch of posts sitting in that space! I had to share on New Nostalgia's facebook page. I really have loved having you as a sponsor and I'm quite addicted to your space. Great, great blog!

    1. Thank you Amy! What a treat to be shared by you! Im so flattered that you are reading my blog and am very happy to be a sponsor of yours. Your blog is a huge inspiration to me any many different ways. Thanks for the comment!