Monday, January 16, 2012

Dr. King Says ... Relax Today, Take the Day Off and Live it Up

Except me, I have to work ... that's okay, I don't really mind it. I'll still live it up.

This weekend was productive and so much fun. It's funny how it works out like that because you really can't plan to be productive on a weekend, I mean, at least I can't.

On Friday night Brett and I were just sitting around trying to figure out what crazy thing we were going to do and decided to paint the back stairwell. It's something that we've been planning to do for a long time but haven't yet gotten to.

It's now Monday morning and the stairs are painted and beautiful, BUT they're not done. We are going to caulk them and I am going to add a stencil to the risers .. stay tuned :)

We ended up staying up until 2am that night, I made homemade egg mcmuffins at 1130pm for dinner.

On Saturday we journeyed to Decatur and went to Target. We got a new lamp. A wonderful older couple helped us find a lamp shade. We then saw them at Starbucks after leaving Target .. our new bffs.

We walked a mile of the snowy, wooded Dacey trail on Saturday night in the dark, it was lit with candles and we sat at a bonfire when we were finished. Kids were exhausted, walk was incredibly beautiful.

On Sunday we went to Goodwill in Effingham. I found two glass Ball jars with their original glass lids, $2 a piece, wow. Brett found a London Fog trench that he's all stoked on.

We went to Menards and found a huge mirror priced down to $14.99. I also bought 11 packs of seeds to start our indoor greenhouse .. again, stay tuned!

We did a mini photo shoot on the farm Sunday at sunset, and I talked with the cows for a while. Those girls are good listeners. We picked up some farm fresh eggs, I talked to the hens but they seemed a bit fussy.

Kids spent the night with the B's. I hung our new mirror and cleaned the kids room, Brett finished the stairs. We sat together for awhile. I realized I hadn't opened my computer since Friday, bliss.  ... weekend is over.

Happy Martin Luthar day ... did you know Brett and I got married on Dr. Kings holiday? Well we did. Our anniversary is later this week. There's no significance around the fact that we got married on the holiday. We were (are) in love and didn't care what day we got married on, that, and it was the 2nd anniversary of our first date. 

Here's a song to brighten your Monday. Please watch the video and get addicted to it's goodness.


  1. Happy anniversary to you and Brett! Someday, I hope to find the same pure love that you two share :)

    1. @Erin, Thank you :) and I know that you will, because you're fabulous ... and I taught you the way to a mans heart, now all you have to do is pick the one you want ;)