Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Red Chair Has Moved!

Hello friends! I finally made the decision to hop off blogger onto a platform that gives me a little more leeway in the way I design and use my blog! I now have my very own blog address, sans ".blogspot". Visit me at me new address:! Click on the bike or paste my URL into your address bar! Can't wait to see all you lovelies at the new LRC! 

PicMonkey Sample

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nature herself - Free Download!

'T is the true out-of-doors with it's 
genuine hearty phiz; 
It is Nature herself, and there's some-
thing in that. 
-James Russell Lowell

This image was created for you by me! It's a FREE DOWNLOAD, feel free to download it and use/print to your non-commercial content! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Kitchen Inspiration Board

I've done a kitchen collection like this in the past, but this beauty features (mostly) new products. Best of all some of the materials below I've already ordered, and plan to order for our project house. I love shopping, so putting boards like this together makes me feel like I'm being productive while shopping ... please don't try to convince me otherwise, it just might kill me. 

Yesterday as I was drywalling my heart out in the front of the house, Brett was in the kitchen tearing down an old soffet. The kitchen already looks bigger, I can't even describe the difference that it makes. That being said, it's also looking pretty torn up at the moment.  This is another reason I like shopping ... avoidance. I mainly live in a fantasy land where everything is clean and all projects are finished. 

Favorite thing on this board: mint green sink WITH drainboard ... that thing was mad just for me, I'm tellin' ya! What do you think? Too many patterns/textures, too much brass, green sink just doesn't do it for you, or may be it's just perfect the way it is? Let me know what you think! 

ps, everyone needs a comfy chair in their kitchen ... only fear about this one, I will unavoidably spill coffee on it at some point. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Picture Quote

This one's from Augustine of Hippo aka, St. Augustine. He's the author of many, many great quotes. Hope you're all getting the good stuff this Saturday. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Let's be free!

Things in this world that I don't care about:

1. How your hair looks
2. How new your car is
3. How much money you have
4. How new your iPhone is
5. How big your house is

Things in this world that I do care about:

1. Deep conversations - you should be able to have them
2. Compassion - show some to the world
3. Your laugh - make it genuine
4. Intelligence - Learn something, like every day 
5. Respect - demand it from yourself 

If I were to create a self portrait I think it would turn out something like this:

What does your self portrait look like?  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Williamsburg Hill, Ridge Cemetery

Williamsburg Hill is known to be a haunted spot in central IL. It's home to Ridge Cemetery which is the only remaining part of the town that once was Williamsburg. When my sister came to town last week she insisted that I take her. So my sister, husband, brother in law and I all made the treck up the hill to find the cemetery. It's surrounded by woods that are constantly making the strangest noises, and there were at least 20 turkey vultures swarming over us all day, but other than that we found the cemetery to be incredibly peaceful and calm. We had a really fun day messing around with photography and waiting for a haunted moment. I brought my Diana Mini and just scanned in my film today, so this lot is a mixture of favorites from the roll of film and my trusty digital. Enjoy! 

There is obviously a ghost hovering above my sister as she lays above one of the graves.
Saved the best (or at least my personal favorite) for last ... what is that thing walking towards me!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin Cream Cake

Last week my sister was visiting from Seattle. I know she loves it when I bake her a cake :) and I also know that she loves pumpkin bread this time of year. I didn't want to use the better part of a day baking a cake from scratch while she was here, so I decided to find an easy solution ... and let me tell you this recipe is EASY. 

Libby's has a pumpkin bread mix on the shelves during the fall months. It is so good, and supposedly all natural. It comes with a mix and a can of that delicious pumpkin... stuff, you use to make pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving. You can get it at Fred Meyer, Walmart, Safeway, whatevs, it's out there, and it looks like this:

The kit makes two loaves, this is where my brilliant idea comes into play, If the box makes two loaves then it will make two 9" round cakes. I'll stack them and fill the middle with pudding! 

I told my sister of my ingenious plan and a day or two later (before I made the cake) we were in Arthur,  IL home to the Amish. We were shopping in one of the Amish grocery stores and low and behold my sister finds a little tube of homemade bavarian cream ... if that isn't a sign from the gods to create an epic cake, I don't know what is! 

So that's all there is to it. Pick up a Pumpkin Bread Kit, bake the "loaves" in cake pans. Carve out the top of the bottom cake, to act as a vessel for pudding/bavarian cream/whatever your heart desires. Stack the second cake atop. Frost with white frosting and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon over it. Voila!