Monday, September 10, 2012

The people you love, are the people you eat with.

If you know Brett or me, you know that we love to cook, we love to dine, we love to experience food with our friends and family. We never eat out, and especially now that we are living in the Midwest. If we can dream it, we can cook it (if we can find the ingredients)! I truly believe that eating should be a complete sensory experience. Brett and I always dine together and it's something to look forward to every day. When we have guests I love to set the table, create atmosphere, and share a family style meal. 

I sincerely miss living somewhere that we are surrounded by diverse cuisine, fresh seafood, and quality ingredients. Then again, I love that we are now eating home grown beef and eggs exclusively. I love that we are constantly being gifted fresh vegetables from the gardens of friends and family, and there is the possibility to continue becoming more self sufficient in feeding our family. It has become one of the most important goals in my life to grow what we eat. 

“But I do think the idea that basic cooking skills are a virtue, that the ability to feed yourself and a few others with proficiency should be taught to every young man and woman as a fundamental skill, should become as vital to growing up as learning to wipe one’s own ass, cross the street by oneself, or be trusted with money.”
 -Anthony Bourdain

5. Picnic
6. Gyro
7. Squid


  1. You had me until the squid ;)


  2. What a great post - I'd totally sign this!
    I love to dine, cook, bake, create and be together.
    Those people I eat with? The ones I love!
    Even though I don't have my own house, little ones or garden yet...
    I really enjoy following your blog - from the other side of the ocean.
    Best wishes from Switzerland!

  3. So when I think of all the different ways my life could go one of the scenarios involves growing what I eat. Growing what I eat and living in a tiny house! I love that you and Brett always dine together. I don't know what it's like in other homes but we don't really dine together here unless we're going out to eat.... which is so sad. Some of my fondest memories from Seattle involve having dinner with you in your apartment and of course Thanksgiving :o) Love the Anthony Bourdain quote, because I totally wish I was a better cook and it really is something everyone should be taught.