Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Eames

I was turned on to an amazing documentary by a friend, called "Eames". It's on Netflix now, so go forth and watch it ... you will be inspired.

I watched the documentary last night and it was just what the doctor ordered. I've been lacking in the creative department lately and I'm blaming the extreme heat. I'm missing the city and have been soul searching, trying to figure out what the universe had in mind when it lead me hear. Charles and Ray Eames are just the progressive couple that I needed to come into my life to inspire me to press on. 

Husband and wife duo, living a life before their time, inspiring each other and everyone around them. It struck me that the core values that they carried through their life and business are mirrored by some of the most successful and creative organizations today. 

They are most well known for their furniture design that continues to be replicated decades after it was originally introduced in the 1940's via Herman Miller. 

The Eames' went on to create many amazing things in their lifetime and I really, really want you to watch the documentary so that you can share in my heightened excitement for life! 

Here's some original Eames design on today's market: 
via: allmodern
(I love Ray Eames' house bird, so much) 

I'll leave you with a word from Charles Eames:


  1. Definitely incredible design pieces. I'm really in love with the look of Eames.

  2. So glad you watched it, they are so inspiring!!