Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big News

In a short and sweet post this morning, before running out, I have decided to make public the news that we've been keeping under wraps for a while. 

We're Moving. 

Yep, we're moving... we're going 100% rural and moving into the home where Brett was raised. There is certainly good and sad involved in this decision. We are very torn about leaving Shelbyville and even though we'll only be 15 minutes out of town, our kids will be going to school in Bethany. There is also, of course, our beautiful house that I don't feel I have had adequate time to experience. After many long conversations we've decided that the pro's greatly out weigh the cons in this move. We will be spending the next 6-9 months renovating the country house (by ourselves and on a very strict budget). We hope to move next Spring. 

I am so very excited to live in the country, I have a strong connection with the bucolic life and our kids are spectacularly happy in the wide open space. 

Now I'm off to continue painting doors!
This is the house, we cleaned the siding and gutters last week, and she's gleaming! 


  1. Your kids will love the wide open spaces. Tell them Bethany is a sweet town. My husband graduated from there and we still think it a friendly and sweet town. Check out the Bethany Celebration on Facebook to see how the town pulls together for a neat time. The kids will like that next June. So glad you get time to decorate before you move in. Enjoy! (I know you will think of each space as a work of art.) And for your husband---there is something really special about going back to your roots.

  2. Now, this is exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing all the updates that you give her...she is already very charming.


  3. Wow! Brave decision.
    Seriously.. if you're not taking that house I'll take it off you in a jiffy! (And you can have our apartment in Cph..) That's my Dream home!! Has it got one of those amazing American porches at the back too?
    I can understand that you feel a bit sad leaving your other house though since you've been working so hard on it and from your pictures it does look like a lovely house.

  4. so exciting and the house looks beautiful! we moved to the country last fall and couldn't be happier.

  5. How exciting!!! I would love to "go rural"... I love the beautiful home you have created but I cant wait to see what you do to this home to make it yours. Good luck!!!