Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I have been all about the primitives lately. Anything that has an old or utilitarian look, I want it in my house. I've also been crafting a lot and have decided that I need some vintage embroidery shears (obviously). btw, I was at Home Depot yesterday and was carrying around an edison bulb that I had planned on buying. As I was looking for a new paint brush, I dropped the bulb ... it EXPLODED. The loudest explosion I could've ever imagined coming from such a small and delicate bulb. It was horrifying, an old lady lazing in the garden display furniture was glaring at me like I really messed up. I snuck behind the paint counter and grabbed a broom and dust pan and cleaned up the thousands of pieces. I then was caught in that act by a Home Depot associate and tried to explain what happend ... She was seriously disappointed in me. Anyway,  I decided not to buy the bulb and more or less, ran away. I shall stick to online shopping for a little while! :) 

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has shopper humiliation from time-to-time. Remember my Aldi's experience with the dead debit card? Also, I picked up a giant, huge, ginormous box of spaghetti one time and the bottom flap wasn't glued well enough and the whole 80 pounds of spaghetti fell all over the floor. Little pick-up sticks everywhere. It wasn't 80 pounds, really, but it sure seemed like it when I was staring at it on the floor. Believe me, you'll recover. Or not. Hang in there....Come see me sometime. I have some stuff for you.