Friday, June 22, 2012

Hi, It's Friday.

AH, what a glorious week it has been! We had lots of good family time and I've been pumping out a lot of creative material this week as well. It feels good to have super long days, there are just more daylight hours to fit in all the wonderful things that we want to do! 
1. Brett and I went to Decatur on Tuesday for my birthday and had Pho. I miss having pho on a weekly basis, but it definitely makes it that much better when I get to have it on special occasions! 

2. Like I said, we had lot's of family time this week which has been awesome. Judith and Lennon are absolutely partners in crime. Yesterday when they laid down for their afternoon nap, Jude was crying, "but Lennon's my friend!". Yeah, she was probably just reaching for any excuse not to lay down ... but I soaked up up anyway :) 

3. EGGS! If you can even believe it my hens started laying eggs, yesterday!! I got three fresh homegrown eggs, I was in tears with pure joy and disbelief. I instantly cracked one open and fried it, delicious! The hens have laid one more egg so far today, and I'm hoping for a couple more ... it surely doesn't help that I've been pacing outside their coop just waiting for one of them to go sit on the nest ... I'm such a creeper. 

4. This is actually a picture from last week. I finally (mostly) finished the art space and I'm really excited to start moving some stuff in ... I'm considering taking a few things over there this weekend, I can't wait! I haven't gone over there at all this week to allow myself time to get some work done, and a little space from the project ... much needed space. 

I hope everyone is  gearing up for an awesome weekend! 

cheers, -c 

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