Friday, June 8, 2012

Hi, It's Friday!

Newsworthy this week:

WE CUT LENNON'S HAIR! In a moment of happy spontaneity we gave Lennon a most fabulous hipster haircut. and he looks at least 5 years older ... seriously, where's my baby!? 

More photos to come next week after I can get him in the mood for a little photo shoot. 

Other newsworthy notes:

Chickens are STILL not laying eggs, despite the fact that Brett and I built them a luxury nest and they're just shy of 30 wks old. What does a girl gotta do to get some breakfast around here? 

Jude's arm is still broken but I don't think she even realizes that anymore ... I can't keep up with that child, broken arm or not!

I finished building the front of my art space this morning. Yes I used a miter saw TWICE this week and still have 10 fingers ... I love the smell of fresh cut wood, and I feel really powerful when I'm using a saw. It's awesome. 

Our car is nearing an all time grossness record. We've basically lived in it for the past month and I think Brett and I are both just waiting for the other to clean it ... I can't help but wonder who will break down first :) 

Brett and I watched a drama last night (of my choosing) called "Mother and Child". It was so good, but It made me cry like 16 times . It was two hours long, a drama can't be that long without risking serious damage to a person's emotional health. I'm recovering today. 

Other newsworthy items are on my list but I'm not really ready to expose them to the world wide web just yet, so you'll just have to continue to read my blog faithfully until I'm ready to share :D

Have a good weekend! 



  1. Chelsea what a handsome little man!He is too cute. Have a great weekend!Heathere

  2. Lennon's hair looks awesome! AND I seriously need to know what these newsworthy items are!!!! So of course I'll be checking your blog like a crazy person but that's no different than any other day :o)