Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Saturday

This post is a photo documentary that I shot yesterday, Saturday May 5, 2012. I documented candid moments throughout the day, from the moment I woke up until night fall. This is the second time I've done this project, the first was back in May of 2010, you can see it here. I would highly recommend this mini documentary to anyone, kids or no kids ... it's fun and sweet way to record a random day in time. Enjoy! 

I crack open my eyes .... It's Lennon, telling me it's time to get up. 
 Must make coffee. 
 Let the chickens out
 She's trying to pretend like it doesn't freak her out terribly that I'm standing in her chicken run with a camera.
 Jude and Lennon put boots on over their jamies and demand Saturday morning doughnuts.
 She makes a convincing argument
 I give in.
 What? No one at County Market at 7am on Saturday morning ... I guess we get first dibs on doughnuts.
 Lennon can never choose. 
 Jude doesn't think twice.
 Breakfast among siblings.
 Finally. Coffee. 
 Jude retires to the couch for her Saturday morning ritual of Sponge Bob watching. 
and look who emerges from the bed chamber... 
 We decide to sit outside, play, read and soak in the rays ... my hanging pots are happy. 
 Lennon says it's hot and almost 11pm ... time for lunch! (he's actually trying to hang that net on the wall with little success ... this is his mad face)
 So lunch it is. 
 Lennon asks sweetly for a nap, or scream cries until someone takes him to bed. 
They sleep.
 The good husband mows. 
 The good wife does the dishes ... we're incredibly domesticated. 
 I visit the hens. a couple of blog posts. 
 Guess who's awake ... 
 and happier! 
 After nap smiles are my favorite. 
 After nap hair is my other favorite. 
Cuddling in bed quickly turns into a lethal zone that will only end in being kicked in the face by a tiny foot. 
 We head downstairs ... Jude finds her marble stash. 
Lennon shows me that he's playing marbles too.  
 There's probably 20 marbles lost in our couch now. 
 Brett's done mowing, and somehow managed not to die of heat exhaustion.  
 Now I get to shower. 
 I hate choosing an outfit. 
 Jewelry ... usually I pass, but tonight we're visiting the Snokes for a brewing party, so I'll jazz it up a little. 
 Yes, I'm actually behind the camera, and yes I desperately need to trim my bangs. 
 Lennon tells me it's time to go. 
 5 minutes later I tell them it's time to go. 
 Jude's ready to see her friend Judd! 
 The kids play. 
 We roast hot dogs. 
 Lennon's a pro ... That's Duke in the background, looking interested. 
 They eat. 
 They laugh.
 Duke makes his move. 
What better way to finish a great day than smores? 
 The rest is history, mixed with some sad sobs when we returned home, and a beautiful full moon. 


  1. Duke making his move is an amazing shot. Thanks for the glimpse!

    1. Thanks Karen :) I got lucky on that one!

  2. We had a great time. Glad I got to see the pics!!

    1. Thanks for having us! Brett's been talking about brewing all day, I told him that he'll just have to hang out with you more often, haha.

    2. anytime!!! I'll be glad to have a brewing partner!!

  3. love this! there are so many comments I want to make about each picture :o) looks like a great Saturday!

  4. sharing this on my New Nostalgia facebook page. I love your photos, and I feel like I know you just a bit better! Can I just say how lovely your house, your life is?

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! This is definitely the type of project that helps me practice gratitude :)

  5. Cute kids:) Hop over and grab my starfish featured button for your blog (it's located under my header) have been featured at Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party.


  6. Awesome! Especially loved these 3: Lennon can never choose, Jude finds her marble stash & Duke makes his move!

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