Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Everyone has a different idea of what Mother's Day is. When I was a kid I thought of it as the day that I was obligated to for sure go to church and then probably work in the garden with my mom. Now that I'm older (and slightly more mature), I think of Mother's Day as a day that mothers everywhere should be given appreciation for raising our posterity ... that's a pretty big deal, thank you moms! 

On a more personal level I think of mothers day as a day to be truly thankful for my kids, the only two people in the entire world who could have ever made me rise to the occasion of motherhood. Being a mother isn't easy (you either know that from experience, or have heard it too many times). What you may be don't always hear, is that it makes you appreciate life on a different level. In my case it brought me to life. Without my kids I would be a less evolved version of myself ... I love them so much. 

Here's a few Instagram snaps of them from the past week ... the chunks, the buppas, iggy and teeb, tinkle and hoon, be-ba and muppet. 

Here's the itty bitty photobooth picture that sits on my nightstand of my mom and me ... she was 5 years younger than I am today ... woah. Happy Mother's Day, mom! I wish I was there with you today to go to church and work in the garden :) 

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