Monday, March 5, 2012

Laundry Progress

We have started progress on our laundry room facelift. We installed a wood plank wall last night and I am aching and complaining today as proof. Next on the list is finishing off the existing cabinet in the room and laying the backsplash. I decided to start this post with a beautiful cabinet, instead of scaring you off with our sorry excuse of a cabinet right off the bat. Isn't this pretty? I love the chicken wire inlays, genius. 

The cabinet that we have in the laundry room is much smaller, and is in the same style as the cabinet I refinished for the bathroom. I have a few different ideas for it, but I may just keep it simple and give it new life with fresh paint and hardware. I also think that it needs to be centered on the wall. The walls in this room are crumbling, 130 year old plaster... so repositioning this beast will be an interesting venture. Once it's painted and centered the backsplash will go in around it and dip behind the appliances. 

Because of the condition of the walls in this room we decided that the wood plank wall was the best way to add support so that we can hang shelves, a folding bar, and hooks. Every plank is securely screwed into at least three of the wall's studs. I think it looks pretty awesome so far ... it's already changed the look of the room dramatically. Alright, I'm not showing you this room again until it's finished ... please send good tile laying vibes our way, we'll need them! 

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