Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi. It's Friday!

a balanced breakfast

The kids are home this Friday, so I'm looking forward to a fun day with my two partners in crime. I think we definitely need to go on an adventure of some sort. 

The weather cast predicts 81 today. Im actually writing this blog post from my front porch watching what looks like a storm rolling into town. 

Im going to buy a bail of straw later and use it for bedding in our chicken coop, then I can actually move the chicks to their new home. I can't wait, they're going to be so excited!

I got a little surprise in the mail yesterday. Well okay, it wasn't really a surprise, more like something I ordered last Friday and tracked online every day since, naturally. It's a reproduction switch plate to fit our Victorian era home. I know, you probably think Im crazy because, who actually gets this worked up over a switch plate? I admittedly don't know anyone, but just look at this beauty!

It's my new favorite thing. And it's really heavy, made of cast brass. I have to order one at a time to justify them, because they're $15.00 a pop! About 15 times what you might spend on a standard switch plate, but these are the real deal. Thank you Antique Hardware!

Brett and I have a fun weekend of stenciling and tiling in store for us ... I can't wait to see some results! 

Dinner will be Philly cheese steaks. Does anyone else plan dinner in advance?  

Home grown beef. 

Alright I think I have given you enough random thoughts for one day. Im off to make some stuff happen!


  1. Can't wait to see your stenciling progress. Sounds like you are really making that house reflect your tastes. Aren't those chickens fun to watch? Be sure to handle them a lot so they get tame enough to catch later in case you need to check them out for any kind of chicken-y stuff. Have the kids named them yet? LOL

    1. Thanks Brenda! I can't wait to start the stencil work! We keep trying to give the chicks names but they change so much from day to day that it's hard to know who's who! I try to handle them as much as I can... sometimes they're okay with it and sometimes they just go berserk, lol ... crazy chickens.