Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Channeling Julia Child

Spring planting has begun. My dear husband will be a slave to the land for the next several weeks. This means that I get to prance around the house wearing aprons, pretending to be a 50's house wife. I need to find some heals ... kidding, that would be taking it too far, I don't want to hurt myself! 

Most of you know that my wonderful husband, Brett, was a chef in a previous life and relives the glory days every night by preparing dinner. Myself in the kitchen, on the other hand, should be outlawed. I would really would rather stick to cereal if it comes down to me being in charge of dinner, but no ... no 50's house wife would expect her husband to eat coco puffs for dinner, and neither will I! So during planting and harvest season I become a master chef, thank goodness I watched top chef religiously last season. 

What's for dinner tonight? I haven't figured it out yet ... but I do plan on playing with my vintage spoons and flipping through the Julia Child cook books, for effect. 

Seriously though, ideas? dinner? easy? anyone?