Friday, February 3, 2012

Sneak Peak #3 - The Mudroom

We are closing in on the very final stages of the mudroom redesign, Im so happy to be using it again like normal. I have a few more finishing touches to put on and then I will present the great reveal! For now I will show you one of the projects that I have been working on that gives the room a slightly more personal feel. A homemade sign featuring our last name, made from reclaimed barn wood, and painted by yours truly. This sign was incredibly nerve wracking to paint because the sign was already hung when I started, and I just knew I couldn't mess it up! It's not perfect but it's hand painted by an amateur, so I am satisfied.  

Im going to give it a second coat tonight and fix a few spots that Im not totally happy with (I think I need to beef up my r), but other than that is done! 

So how did I do it you ask? I decided before hand on a font that I wanted to use (something that I had made up in my head) I then searched many fonts until I found one that was similar enough to what I had envisioned. I then printed out the name and sketched it on the sign with pencil, trying to match the printed version as closely as possible. I also had a very large eraser. The floor was covered in eraser shavings. You can't tell very well from the photos but our ceilings are 11 feet high, and this sign was hung at about 9 feet, so I was doing this all while perched atop a very tall ladder, one that Im not looking forward to climbing again for the final coat. 

Here's a photo with a bit more context, but ignore the light because I desperately want to replace it. I mean it's not a bad light, but I really want something more our style. 

All we have left to do is install new light fixtures and I had my heart set on building a bench ... and now I have been thinking of building another shelf (my husband doesn't know about this yet, so shhhh). 

TGIF, my friends, happy weekending! 

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