Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Laundry Room Sneak Peak

Remember how I told you we were going to start working on our laundry room? Well my friends, things are starting to come together. I dream of having this fabulous farmhouse laundry room where everything is clean, organized, and the laundry is always done. That's possible right? Have you ever seen the photos in washer and dryer ads, you can totally tell no one has ever done laundry in one of those laundry rooms... I mean come on, changing the lint trap alone causes a toxic dust cloud, the washer is always caked in detergent, and there's usually a collection of homeless items piling up on top of the dryer. It can be nasty, which is precisely why we want to give ours a facelift and make it a little easier to work in and clean. 

I had the idea of putting a backsplash on the wall behind the washer and dryer. We have about 10 sq ft there and I thought it would be an affordable way to make a big impact.  
So, with that in mind, Brett and the kids and I journeyed to Home Depot were we found glass tiles averaging in the $10 per sq ft range ... that's not too bad if you're looking at only 10 square feet, but I wouldn't call it a bargain. We decided to wait on the idea and the next day while in Decatur we stopped into Lowes and found these beauties (see below) on clearance for $1.20 per sq ft! That means that we only spent about $13 total for what we needed. I was so excited, I nearly danced in the store... may be a did dance, just a little.  

We're going to tile the back wall where the washer and dryer back up with these tiles. One side wall will be planked with barn wood, which will enable us to hang as many hooks as we want and a folding bar. The wall is 10+ feet long and 10 feet high, so we spent all of Sunday afternoon looking for barnwood, pulling out nails, cleaning, and cutting. We had to bring home 20, 10ft boards for the job ... we can practically build a house with what we have. This may be the most exhausting effort I've ever put into a home improvement project! I was sore and aching all day yesterday, THIS is pretty much exactly what I looked like all day. 

Hopefully I will have a finished product to show you soon! Can you imagine how handy we will be after this project? 

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  1. I'm amazed with the $13 total, I hope you really did do a little dance over that one. I love the part about homeless items collecting on top of the dryer...that's definitely how it's always been at my house! I can't wait to see the end result.