Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi, It's Friday

Yesterday we made homemade brownies. They were so good. The kids brought home brownies the other day from day care that their awesome sitter made, I couldn't stop thinking about them, so we made some here.

You know, the snow really makes me mad, I mean I wanted it so badly all December, but we got nothing. Now in February, my sister is visiting, and I want to adventure, and what does it do? Snow! 

Lennon's hair is long enough to put in a pony tail now, it's the coolest thing I've ever seen, he looks like Johnny Depp 10 years ago, when he used to be cool. I wish I had a picture to share... I'll work on that. 

Jude's 4th birthday is next week, Im totally stressen, I'm probably going to make some insane cupcakes or something that will just completely blow her mind .. I can't wait. 

I have the book Hello Cupcake ... I think I want to do the horse ones, I don't know why I make everything into a really intense project, but it's Jude's 4th birthday! She'll love these. 

Did you see this pic I snapped of the kids yesterday on Instagram? Jude is completely in character when she wears a mask ... it borders on creepy. She snuck up behind me last night as I was making dinner, on her hands and knees and just waited for me to turn around to see her sitting there with the bunny mask on. At least this way I can get her to eat carrots. 

I think Emily and I are going to go to Arthur and Tuscola today... check out the Amish people, see what goods they have to offer us. Then it's out on the town tonight ... yes out on the town of Shelbyville. 

Happy weekending, my friends! 

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